Tuesday, April 11, 2006

April 11, 2006 - Nearly a year has passed since I last found time to post here. Between a lack of time and lapses in thinking about blogs, not much made it to this site. However, a few changes in my priorities certainly make it likely that I can start posting again.

First, with regards to my previous post on April 15, 2005, The Art Newspaper has stripped down their website to a few front page items. The article I referenced is not even archived, since they don't seem to have an archive either. They obviously want people to subscribe to the paper edition - which I have done from time to time - but it is a shame to lose a web resource like that. Clearly the web doesn't receive free resources as much as it used to.

Blogging is alive and well for the arts, though. Tyler Green's Modern Art Notes definitely generates excitement just from the fact that he has lots to report. Anna Conti has revamped her blog and still gives you a lot to read.

In fact, it is the stimulus of images plus text in this newsy or "what's happening" up-to-the-minute style that we need in the tapestry community. Working to keep the website for the American Tapestry Alliance active has had a positive effect on that practice among its participants. I do wish more people participated in the ATA Forums with quality information. It's a project that not very many people understand or find time for. However, slowly but surely, it seems to gain a few subscribers that are new to the community and interested in sharing information.

Communities. I wrote an editorial for ATA's Tapestry Topics and I think I might rework it a bit and post it up here in the next few days.