Monday, May 01, 2006

As you might have guessed by now, the tapestry world is pretty quiet. All the time. Whatever goes on is well hidden among conversations that never get past a few mouths. We really need more word of mouth.

We need that or whatever is equivalent to word of mouth on the internet. A friend sent me a link to an article I wrote in 1998. Now, I am surprised that anyone linked to that article, let alone that they read it. Does this kind of interest perpetuate across the bandwidths for tapestry? I mean *cough* handwoven tapestry. As in contemporary handwoven tapestry.

Well, heck, yeah! It does work, proof supplied by Google. I am not as impressed as I sound, though. I would be more impressed if it was someone else's article that I could link to. I'd like a little of the grrl-power from 1998 infused into the tapestry world of 2006. We're just so far behind in the brash department, it's not funny.